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The BC OGRIS has provided two grants to study induced seismicity under its seismicity research and monitoring funding envelope.

The first grant is to Golder Associates, working with researchers at the University of British Columbia, to further understand the stresses on faults from injecting pressurized fluids during hydraulic fracturing by analyzing the components required to induce a seismic event. Identification of key controls and influences on induced seismicity will improve the development and effectiveness of mitigation strategies that might be deployed to reduce the frequency of induced seismic events. The result will be a report containing guidelines and best practices along with a draft Induced Seismicity Hazard Map.

The second grant is to the University of Victoria to further understand the magnitude-frequency distributions of induced seismicity and how it can be used to mitigate the associated seismic risk. A comprehensive investigation of the magnitude-frequency relationship with an enhanced dataset, including possible effects from different geological/stratigraphic settings and/or seismotectonic characteristics, is expected to offer new insights into the prediction of maximum magnitude of injection-induced earthquakes at unprecedented resolution. The result will be a report for consideration by the regulator and industry operators.