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The SCEK Forum is one of the means by which the Fund communicates project results and obtains input from Fund partners and stakeholders on future directions for research.

SCEK Forum 2004

The June 10, 2004 SCEK Fund Forum was held in Fort St. John. Seven sessions profiled 8 research projects and featured 7 panel discussions. Poster sessions in the afternoon and evening offered opportunities for stakeholders to discuss specific research projects with proponents.

SCEK Fund Forum June 10, 2004 Proceedings (696 Kb)


SCEK Forum 2003

The May 29-30, 2003 SCEK Fund Forum was held in Fort St. John. May 29 featured five daytime presentations and breakout sessions on ecosystem and cumulative impacts management; two concurrent evening sessions were devoted to 11 additional presentations on studies related to oil and gas development. The May 30 morning session featured three presentations on environmental studies and breakout groups on environment, engineering and technology, and education and extension. The breakout sessions identified research topics and priorities for each SCEK Fund Envelope.

SCEK Fund Forum May 29–30, 2003 Proceedings ( 371 Kb)