Active Projects

Collaboration and Communication

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First Nations Disturbance Restoration Program BC Oil and Gas Commission

Anticipated completion: April 30, 2021

Project (video) summary from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission

Project (video) overview of Kotcho Lake Restoration Project (from Fort Nelson First Nation)

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Aboriginal Liaison Program (ALP) BC Oil and Gas Commission, BC Government

Anticipated Completion: April 30, 2021

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Formerly referred to as the First Nations Environmental Monitor (Liaison) Program

PDF icon Sub-Project Profile--ALP Program Review (Spring-Summer, 2018)
PDF icon Program Review--July, 2018
PDF icon Annual Report--FY 2019/20
PDF icon Project Profile--FY 2020/21

Methane and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Top Down and Bottom Up Comparison of Methane Emissions Bridger Photonics / Carleton University

Anticipated Completion: May 31, 2021

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Review of Alternative Sampling Design Methodology in Watershed Scale Health Assessment

Research scope, approach and timeline under development. Target completion by April 15, 2021.

Water Monitoring of Small Watersheds Program BC Oil and Gas Commission, First Nations in Northeast BC

Anticipated Completion: December 31, 2022

Project (video) summary from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission

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PDF icon Annual Report--FY 2019/20
Establishing Regional Groundwater Chemistry Baselines for NEBC to Support Interpretation of Groundwater Analytical Results Simon Fraser University (Dr. Dirk Kirste)

Anticipated Completion: December 31, 2021.

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Seismicity Research and Monitoring

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BC Seismic Array Network Geoscience BC; Natural Resources Canada; BC Oil and Gas Commission; Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Year 1--Complete March 31, 2013.

Year 2--Complete March 31, 2014.

Year 3--Completed March 31, 2015.

Year 4--Completed March 31, 2016

Year 5--Completed October 31, 2017

Year 6--Completed March 31, 2018

Year 7--Completed March 31, 2019

Year 8--Completed March 31, 2020.

Year 9--Anticipate completion April 30, 2021

Seismic Array Network data on Natural Resources Canada website

PDF icon Executive Summary (Year 1)
PDF icon Pipeline News North coverage (Dec. 5/13)
PDF icon Final Report--Year 1
PDF icon Final Report--Year 2
PDF icon Final Report--Year 3
PDF icon Final Report--Year 4
PDF icon Final Report--Year 5
PDF icon Final Report--Year 6
PDF icon Publication (Geoscience BC)--2018
PDF icon Final Report--Year 7
PDF icon Final Report--Year 8
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Quantitative Risk Assessment of Typical Structures and Infrastructures Subject to Induced Seismicity Geo-Hazard Risk and Dynamics (GHRD)

Anticipated Completion: October 31, 2023

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North East Air Monitoring Program--Phase 6 (FY 2020/21) Tropospheric Measurement Systems

Anticipated completion: May 31, 2021

See Completed Projects (Health & Safety) for Phases 1-5.

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PDF icon Final Report (Phase 5--March 31, 2020)

Engineering/ Safety Research

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Assessing Risks to Pipelines from Corrosion and Geo Hazards University of British Columbia—Dr. Solomon Tesfamariam (Okanagan Campus); Dr. Edouard Asselin and Dr. Dharma Wijewickreme (Vancouver Campus)

Anticipated completion: September 30, 2021

Funding Envelope: Engineering / Safety Research: Pipelines

Paper published in International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping (Oct, 2020)

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Ambient Noise Study--Phase 2 Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering

Anticipated Completion: March 31, 2021

Funding Envelope: Engineering / Safety Research: Wells, Facilities, Other.

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Soil Productivity and Soil Health Status Following Restoration of Pipeline Corridors on Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Cropland in Northeast B.C. University of Manitoba (Dr. Francis Zvomuya)

Anticipated completion: August 31, 2023


Funding Envelope: Engineering / Safety Research: Pipelines

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Towards Optimizing Well Plug and Abandonment in British Columbia through Data Analytics, Field Investigations and Predictive Modelling Institute of Geoenergy Engineering, Heriot Watt University

Anticipated Completion: January 31, 2022

Funding Envelope: Engineering / Safety Research: Pipelines

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